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PAGE meeting - Hersonissos 2015

Jun 02 to Jun 05, 2015


A free workshop on Tuesday 2nd of June, organized by the DDMoRe consortium to explain its concept and products.  

Running from 13:00 to 17:00 PM, experts from the different consortium partners will provide you with an overview of the DDMoRe project and its objectives. The set of DDMoRe products will be introduced:

  • Model Repository
  • Model Certification
  • Exchange Standards
  • Interoperability Framework
  • Pharmacometric Workflow
  • Training

All these products together deliver the DDMoRe platform, which will be demonstrated live with real Pharma model examples, showing the different elements and intended workflows. The added value of the products to efficiently apply model-based approaches and knowledge exchange - supporting the concept Model Informed Drug Discovery and Development (MID3) and Model Informed Patient Care (MIPC) - will be discussed in the closing session of the workshop.

Location: Twenty-fourth PAGE meeting, will be held at the Creta Maris Convention Center in Hersonissos, Crete, 2-5 June, 2015

  1. Preconditioning of Nonlinear Mixed Effect models for Stabilization of the Covariance Matrix Computation. Yasunori Aoki, Rikard Nordgren, and Andrew C. Hooker
  2. A model of glucose clearance to improve the description of glucose homeostasis. Roberto Bizzotto, Andrea Natali, Amalia Gastaldelli, Elza Muscelli, Attila Brehm, Michael Roden, Ele Ferrannini and Andrea Mari
  3. Influence of Covariance Step Success on Final Parameter Estimates. Henrik Bjugård Nyberg, Andrew C. Hooker and Yasunori Aoki
  4. Predictive assessments of pharmacokinetic alterations in subjects with renal disease. Elisa Borella, Italo Poggesi and Paolo Magni.
  5. Modelling tumour growth and survival of patients with pancreatic cancer receiving Gemcitabine. Maria Garcia-Cremades, Celine Pitou, Philip W Iversen and Iñaki F Troconiz
  6. Design of Phase I Studies based on Mechanism of Action of Anti-Diabetic Drugs; Assessing power, precision and accuracy in a simulation study of glucose tolerance tests. Moustafa M. A. Ibrahim, Siti M. Sheikh Ghadzi, , Maria C. Kjellsson, Mats O. Karlsson
  7. Toxicity assessment via drug-drug interaction modeling for trabectedin in patients with advanced malignancies. Lavezzi Silvia Maria, Mezzalana Enrica, De Nicolao Giuseppe
  8. Optimal design for informative protocols in xenograft tumor growth inhibition models. Giulia Lestini, France Mentré and Paolo Magni
  9. Evaluation of software tools for Bayesian estimation on population models with count and continuous data. E. Borella, L. Carrara, S.M. Lavezzi, E. Mezzalana, L. Pasotti, G. De Nicolao and P. Magni
  10. Automatic translation of Bayesian pharmacometric models: the PharmML-to-WinBugs converter. Cristiana Larizza, Lorenzo Pasotti, Enrica Mezzalana, Elisa Borella, Gareth Smith and Paolo Magni
  11. Evaluation of the expected Fisher information matrix without linearization, in nonlinear mixed effect models for discrete and continuous outcomes. Marie-Karelle Riviere, Sebastian Ueckert and France Mentré
  12. Effects of Bevacizumab and Everolimus for the treatment of Vestibular Schwannomas in patients with Neurofibromatosis Type 2. Aziz Ouerdani, Stéphane Goutagny, Michel Kalamarides, and Iñaki F. Trocóniz
  13. A whole-body physiologically based pharmacokinetic (WBPBPK) model of ciprofloxacin for prediction of bacterial killing at the site of infection. M. W. Sadiq, E. I. Nielsen, M. O. Karlsson and L. E. Friberg
  14. Xenograft experiments: assessing consistency between a drug-driven and a biomarker-driven tumor growth inhibition model. M.L. Sardu, I. Poggesi and G. De Nicolao
  15. Disease progression in the integrated glucose-insulin model in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance. Siti M. S. Ghadz, Mats O. Karlsson, Vanessa D. de Mello, Matti Uusitupa, Maria C. Kjellsson; Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group
  16. Standardized Output: flexible and tool-independent storage format of typical M&S results. Nadia Terranova, Marc Lavielle, Mike K. Smith, Emmanuelle Comets, Kajsa Harling, Rikard Nordgren, Andrew C. Hooker, France Mentre and Maciej J. Swat
  17. Analysis of individual target lesions for tumor size models of drug resistance: a new methodology encompassing signal processing and machine learning. N. Terranova, P. Girard, U. Klinkhardt and A. Munafo
  18. Alternative to Resampling Methods in Maximum Likelihood Estimation for NLMEMs by Borrowing from Bayesian Methodology. Sebastian Ueckert, Marie-Karelle Riviere and France Mentré
  19. Quantifying drug effects in phase 2a anti-diabetic studies: Power and accuracy of four HbA1c models. Gustaf J. Wellhagen, Mats O. Karlsson, Maria C. Kjellsson
  20. Modelling change in tumour size, survival and new lesions appearance in patients with ovarian cancer treated with carboplatin monotherapy or in combination with gemcitabin. Chiara Zecchin, Ivelina Gueorguieva, Nathan H. Enas and Lena E. Friberg
  21. Modelling the effect of Sunitinib given alone and in combination with CPT-11 on the tumor growth in xenografted mice. L. Carrara, B. Ribba, M. Tod, M. Wei, B. You, G. Freyer, P. Magni
  22. Determination of Appropriate Settings in the Assessment of Parameter Uncertainty Distributions using Sampling Importance Resampling (SIR). Anne-Gaëlle Dosne, Martin Bergstrand, Mats O. Karlsson
  23. Influence of clinical trial design to detect drug effect in systems with within subject variability. Chenhui Deng, Elodie L. Plan and Mats O. Karlsson
Work package: 

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