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PAGE - Venice 2012

June 5 - 8, Italy

Abstracts presented at PAGE 2012:

  1. Glucose Homeostasis Modeling: Improvement of the Insulin Action Component. Roberto Bizzotto, Andrea Natali, Ele Ferrannini, Andrea Mari

  2. Dealing with BQL data in normalised prediction distribution errors: a new version of the npde library for R. Emmanuelle Comets, Thi Huyen Tram Nguyen, France Mentré

  3. A strategy for residual error modeling incorporating both scedasticity of variance and distribution shape. Anne-Gaëlle Dosne, Ron J. Keizer, Martin Bergstrand, Mats O. Karlsson

  4. Practical Implications of Ontology and Global Standards for Model-based Data Analysis. Chris Franklin, Bernard de Bono, Pierre Grenon, Sarala Wimalaratne, Oscar Della Pasqua

  5. Response type modelling and clinical trial simulation. J. Grevel, R. Austin, M. Lavielle

  6. The Kaplan-Meier Mean Covariate plot (KMMC): a new diagnostic for covariates in time-to-event models. Andrew C. Hooker and Mats O. Karlsson

  7. Individual Observation-Shrinkage Scaling of Residuals in a Generalized Least Square Type of Estimation in NONMEM. Vijay D Ivaturi , Andrew C Hooker , Mats O Karlsson

  8. A full model approach based on the covariance matrix of parameters and covariates. Mats O Karlsson

  9. Extended NPDE diagnostics for the between-subject variability and residual error model. Ron J Keizer, Kajsa Harling, Mats O Karlsson

  10. Predicting late-phase outcome from early-phase findings using a Model-Based Approach – Application to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Maria C. Kjellsson, Valerie Cosson, Nicolas Frey, Norman A Mazer, Mats O. Karlsson

  11. On the use of stochastic differential mixed effects models for modeling inter occasion variability. Models and methods. M. Lavielle, M. Delattre

  12. Survey on the current use of optimal design approaches and the developments needed in adaptive optimal design for model based analysis performed amongst DDMoRe’s EFPIA members. F. Mentré, M. Chenel, E. Comets, J. Grevel, A. Hooker, M.O. Karlsson, M. Lavielle, J. Nyberg, I. Gueorguieva 

  13. The robustness of global optimal designs. Joakim Nyberg and Andrew C. Hooker

  14. Integrated model of glucose homeostasis including the effect of exogenous insulin. Rikke M Røge, Søren Klim, Mats O Karlsson, Niels R Kristensen, Steen H Ingwersen, Maria C Kjellsson

  15. PKPD-Modeling of Standard Uptake Value (SUV) in Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST) patients treated with sunitinib. Emilie Schindler, Paul Westwood, Michael Amantea, Emma K. Hansson, Peter A. Milligan, Mats O. Karlsson, Lena E. Friberg

  16. Linear approximation methods for fast evaluation of random effects models. Elin Svensson, Mats O Karlsson

  17. Landscape on technical and conceptual requirements in Drug/Disease Modelling & Simulation. G. Vlasakakis, E. Comets, A. Drescher, I. Gueorguieva, P. Magni, N. Terranova, O. della Pasqua, E.C. de Lange, C. Kloft

  18. Handling Below Limit of Quantification Data in Optimal Trial Design. Camille Vong, Sebastian Ueckert, Joakim Nyberg and Andrew C. Hooker

Associated members

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Lutz Harnisch
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Mats Karlsson
Uppsala Universitet

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