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MDL Contributors

These individuals have made important contributions to MDL.
In alphabetical order:

• Roberto Bizzotto (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)
• Elisa Borella (Uni di Pavia)
• Letizia Carrara (Uni di Pavia)
• Phylinda Chan (Pfizer)
• Marylore Chenel (Servier)
• Ronald Gieschke (Roche)
• Lutz Harnisch (Pfizer)
• Niklas Hartung (Freie Universität Berlin)
• Andrew Hooker (Uppsala University)
• Mats Karlsson (Uppsala University)
• Charlotte Kloft (Freie Universität Berlin)
• Marc Lavielle (INRIA)
• Andrea Mari (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)
• France Mentre (INSERM)
• Lorenzo Pasotti (Uni di Pavia)