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MDL Development Team

MDL Development Team

Currently Active Developers, and their roles, principle expertise in developing MDL

Nick Holford (Uppsala University) – MDL lead, pharmacometric concepts, pharmacology, modelling and simulation tasks, use case development, NONMEM, NM-TRAN to MDL conversion.
Mike K Smith (Pfizer) – ddmore R package lead, MDL developer, interoperability, model-based drug development, Pharma industry perspective, statistical concepts, use case development, grammar.
Natallia Kokash (Leiden University) – Implementation, grammar, MDL-IDE, Eclipse, Xtext, conversion to PharmML.
Stuart Moodie (Eight Pillars Ltd / Pfizer) – Implementation, grammar, MDL-IDE, Eclipse, Xtext, Xtend, conversion to PharmML
Maciej Swat (EMBL-EBI) – PharmML lead
Florent Yvon (EMBL-EBI) – libPharmML lead
Emmanuelle Comets (INSERM) – Design Object, Optimal Design task specification.
Paolo Magni (Universite di Pavia) – Prior Object, Bayesian, BUGS task specification.
Zinnia Parra-Guillen (Freie Universität Berlin) – Training material, documentation, Use Case specification and testing.
Niels Rode-Kristensen (Novo Nordisk) – Interoperability lead
Richard Kaye (Mango Solutions) – Integration Framework technical lead, SEE builds
Gareth Smith (Cyprotex) – Common converter
Henrik Nyberg (Mango Solutions / Uppsala University) – PharmML to NM-TRAN translation
Eric Blaudez (Lixoft) – PharmML to MLXTRAN conversion.
Nadia Terranova (Merck) – Standard Output object definition
Rikard Nordgren (Uppsala University) – NONMEM to Standard Output object translation
Kajsa Harling (Uppsala University) – PsN translation and integration
Chris Muselle (Mango Solutions) – ddmore R package developer