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Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala Universitet is one of Europe's most highly ranked universities. The Pharmacometrics research group is the world's largest in the academic discipline with about 40 members devoted to both methodological development and applications in drug development and therapy. Research collaborations with many national and international academic centers as well as with a majority of the EFPIA members of this initiative. The group has high international visibility through invited lectures, editorships, awards, conference organisation and committee service.

Uppsala's expertise is in the development of methodology for parameter estimation, model building, model evaluation, study design optimisation and decision making. Development of drug/disease models in diabetes, oncology and neurodegenerative diseases. Software development. Teaching at all levels of basic research and model-based drug development. Through these activities, the group has high competence in all major aspects of the project and can provide state-of-the art input on parts as well as a major contribution to the successful integration of DDMoRe.



Associated members

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Andrew Hooker
Uppsala Universitet
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Lena Friberg
Uppsala Universitet
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Maria Kjellsson
Uppsala Universitet
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Mats Karlsson
Uppsala Universitet
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Nick Holford
Uppsala Universitet