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Online Infection course

Oct 27 2016

Online course material on antibiotics and bacterial infections adapted from the Infectious disease course in model-informed drug development.
The material includes a brief background to the type of data typically used for PKPD-modelling, common PKPD-model structures with consideration of drug resistance as well as potential use in drug development.

The hands-on example illustrates the application of the DDMoRe platform for estimation and prediction using a PKPD-model developed from in vitro time-kill data.

Material extracted from the DDMoRe face-to-face course “Model-informed drug development in Infectious Dieseases”

Authors of the original exercise
Lena Friberg, Uppsala University
Zinnia Parra-Guillen, Freie Universitaet Berlin​
Charlotte Kloft, Freie Universitaet Berlin

Authors of the online training material
Anders Kristoffersson; Uppsala University
Charlotte Kloft, Freie Universitaet Berlin

Work package: 

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