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Nov 11 2013

PharmML stands for Pharmacometrics Markup Language. This is the first public release of a new standard for encoding of models, associated tasks and their annotation as used in pharmacometrics. Recently published in CPT:PSP
The lack of a common standard which would allow for a smooth exchange of models between different software tools used in population pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics such as NONMEM, Monolix or BUGS has been a longstanding problem in the field. Work-package 4, is in charge of the development of such a standard.
The language is under active development. Many features are still missing, for example 
- Discrete data models (i.e. models for count, categorical or time-to-event data)
- Bayesian inference methods
- Delay or stochastic differential equations
- Calling external libraries with standard PK/PD models etc.
This release is intended to gather early feedback both from users and software developers outside of the DDMoRe consortium. Feedback will be collected via mailing lists or discussion forums. PharmML details are also available at the website.
a - Specification document containing the mathematical description of the underlying non-linear mixed effect models (NLME), technical chapter on the key concepts and constructs of the language, worked examples and schema description.
b - XML Schema definition files.
c - Examples of PharmML encoded models and according simulation/estimation tasks.

Work package: 

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