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Mike K Smith's picture

Response to ISOP repository questionnaire

by Mike K Smith

The ISOP technology committee recently requested feedback through a survey with the topic "How do you share?" ( asking how people... Read more

Maciej Swat's picture

Standards, Standards, Standards...

by Maciej Swat

DDMoRe is all about interoperability of models, input data and results. Currently, the M&S process remains fragmented by the lack of common tools and the existence of many software packages,... Read more

Kheizurane Elmekki's picture

An amazing experience to share with you…

by Kheizurane Elmekki

First of all, let me introduce myself: I am Kheizurane El Mekki, a 24-year old Tunisian girl. After finishing my high school in Tunisia, I decided to move to Switzerland in order to study Mathematics... Read more

Lutz Harnisch's picture

DDMoRe: past, present and future

by Lutz Harnisch

Today, we’ve reached a turning point for the DDMoRe consortium.  The main products have been developed and much of the content we promised to release is in the public domain.  Now it’s time... Read more