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Next consortium meeting

Apr 26 to Apr 29, 2016

De Baak
Kon. Astrid Boulevard 23
2202 BJ Noordwijk

Dear all,
Welcome to the last DDMoRe consortium meeting before we shift to having meetings for the DDMoRe foundation.

Thanks to our sponsor Novo Nordisk we are able to arrange another hopefully very successful meeting at De Baak Seaside in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

The preliminary agenda can be downloaded from this page (see below).

Please download the form to book your room at De Baak Seaside in Noordwijk. Completed forms can be returned to

Please register for the meeting in order to make arranging all logistics like taxi rides, social events etc... a little easier.

Eventbrite - DDMoRe consortium meeting April 2016

For this consortium meeting there are several differences compared to the former ones
1) all product presentations will be given as a so-called sales pitch with the following elements:

  • Where did we start from?
  • What did we achieve?
  • What is functioning?
  • What can the user do with it?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • What are your recommendations?
  • What will be the future engagements?
  • Enough room for discussions and feedback

2) information around the DDMoRe foundation will be shared at two slots in the agenda (Tuesday and Friday)

3) The social event is going to start at Thursday lunch, if the weather allows it, we will make a boat trip from the “Kaag to Leiden” and continue the program in Leiden, at the Poort Brasserie ( ). Have a starter at the Poort, a second shorter boat trip followed by the main course at the Zijlstroom ( ). Please bring warm clothes for the boat trips.

4) The 27th of April is King’s day in the Netherlands.  
For those willing to celebrate with all the crazy Dutch people on the Tuesday evening, The Hague traditionally celebrates the night before, or on the Wednesday evening in Amsterdam . We will travel by train to The Hague or Amsterdam, please bring something Orange to wear, much small change and a pair of shoes that are really comfortable, and can stand some beer or other accidental attempts of demolishing. Last warning: PICKPOCKETS! King’s Day is a pick-pocket’s dream-come-true.

Looking forward to meeting you again at a special consortium meeting.

You can book a room in de Baak Seaside. Rooms are single bedroom for € 98,00 per night, incl. breakfast excl. tourist tax
or double beds for € 133,00 per night, incl. breakfast excl. tourist tax (€ 2,40 per person per night).
Please download the booking document and return to

From Schiphol Airport to Noordwijk, Koningin Astrid Boulevard 23, de Baak Seaside
you could directly take taxi, prebooking the taxi is less expensive so please send an email to
you could take the direct bus Qliner 361 (busstop pickeplein).
you could also take the train to Leiden CS. Once in Leiden Centraal (CS) you can either take bus 20 (busstop pickeplein) or a taxi to Noordwijk,
Taxi telephone number  +31 (0)71 36 25 022




You ALWAYS need to call just before you are ready for leaving in the
A good time to call is after collecting luggage if you have any and
just before reaching the pickup point (when going from "arrivals" on
the ground floor to first floor "departures" is a good time to call).
Your call is our signal to tell the waiting taxi to drive to the
pickup point. (Attention: not calling is not considered a cancellation
as we are already at the airport)

At your signal, the taxi drives across from the revolving doors H
of departure hall 1 on the outer road (cross the zebra crossing). You
reach it by going up 1 floor from the arrival hall to the departure
level and then walk towards the traffic to the first revolving door.
When you call us you can also indicate you prefer to be picked up at
one of the other revolving doors if you wish. The revolving doors are
lettered from H through to A, revolving door H is the first one at
departures 1 and A the last at departures 3. If you do not indicate a
preference we will pick you up at Revolving Door H departures 1. (see

You can recognise the taxi or the taxi bus from the logo on the
bottom right under the door or the logo on the window of the right
front door (see photos)

In the unlikely event you cannot find us please call us
immediately for assistance. Please also inform us on the phone of
incidents such as lost luggage, extreme crowds or other delaying
factors. It makes sense to also keep our number outside your mobile so
you can reach us when the battery of the mobile phone is flat (if you
don't get in touch we go from the airport one hour after the actual
landing/arrival time and charge the full fare of the journey)

Kind regards, Wendy

Work package: 

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