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Do you expect the repository will be filled with useful models being used in drug development? For 5 yrs investment, it doesn’t look like there are many models in the model repository?

Thanks to the unique combination of contributors from academy and EFPIA, various disease and therapeutic areas relevant for drug development will be covered by the model set of the repository.
The contributors committed to demonstrate the features to be offered by the DDMoRe framework: the models published before the 11th public release were only a first test to serve as a proof of concept.
Now that the new version of the product is about to be published, the content building on the repository undergoes its real initial phase. As a first step about 50 models will be made available to the public during the second half of December 2015. Constant updates from the other DDMoRe partners and the public will allow this initial set of published models to grow at a very high rate.