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What do you mean by workflow?

A "pharmacometric workflow" can be thought of as what you might write down in a lab book, in which you record what you did, what you used, how you generated new artefacts (like outputs or plots), and your thought processes behind any decisions that you took during your analysis.
We are developing a tool to capture this information, and to visualize the interdependencies between components of model-based analyses ("provenance"), as well as providing a set of tools to facilitate reporting (run records), audit trailing, and versioning. In addition to supporting these activities, this information will allow the analyst to re-execute complete workflows or parts of a workflow to bring everything "up to date" should something change earlier up the chain.
Pharmacometric Workflow provides efficiency improvements from task initiation to completion with Good Modelling Practice standards. In the ideal situation, execution of a complete pharmacometric workflow could be achieved by just “one click”.