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  • Posted on 20 July 2015 | Filed under:
    3rd public DDMoRe course:Model-informed Drug Development in Oncology (advanced) has been postponed to early 2016!    
  • Posted on 18 July 2015 | Filed under: Publications, WP8
    Fourth issue of the DDMoRe newsletter, an update on the fourth-year achievements of the DDMoRe project
  • Posted on 27 June 2015 | Filed under: WP1
    Resistance Development: A Major Piece in the Jigsaw Puzzle of Tumor Size Modeling. N Terranova, P Girard, U Klinkhardt and A Munafo CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology 2015, 4, 320 Abstract Mathematical models of tumor size (TS) dynamics and tumor growth inhibition (TGI) need to place... Read more
  • Posted on 03 June 2015 | Filed under: Exchange Standards, WP4
    Leiden, The Netherlands, 3rd of June 2015 – PharmML, a flexible format for exchanging computational models in pharmaceutical R&D, opens new opportunities for drug discovery and clinical research. PharmML is a key component of DDMoRe’s platform for interoperability between computational models... Read more
  • Posted on 15 May 2015 | Filed under:
    2nd public DDMoRe course: Model-informed Drug Development in Central Nervous System Diseases Join us for the second public DDMoRe course on 27–31 July 2015 at Leiden University, The Netherlands Read more and apply now!
  • Posted on 20 January 2015 | Filed under: WP6
    Simulx is a function of the R package mlxR. Simulx allows one to simulate complex models for longitudinal data by interfacing the C++ MlxLibrary with R. Learn how to use Simulx with many illustrative examples Instruction for... Read more
  • Posted on 07 January 2015 | Filed under:
    1st public DDMoRe course:Model-informed Drug Development in Oncology (Beginners) Join us for the first public DDMoRe course on 16–20 March 2015at Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany Read more and apply now!
  • Posted on 31 October 2014 | Filed under: WP1, WP7
    Leiden, The Netherlands, 31st of October 2014 – The Repository from the Drug Disease Model Resources (DDMoRe) consortium provides a home to a collection of computational models of disease and drug action that have been used in pharmaceutical and/or academic research. This publically available open-... Read more
  • Posted on 10 October 2014 | Filed under:
    Leiden, The Netherlands, 10th of October 2014 - The Drug Disease Model Resources (DDMoRe) consortium recently got a green light to invest another 1.6 million euro from a successful proposal for the IMI call “explore new scientific opportunities (ENSO)”. This enables several new objectives that will... Read more
  • Posted on 14 September 2014 | Filed under: WP10
    DDMoRe’s core objective as a project focused on modeling and simulation is to build and maintain a universal, open source, interoperability framework combined with a model repository. In order to ensure maintenance and future development of the DDMoRe platform beyond the IMI project, the consortium... Read more