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New Simcyp Population-based Simulator supports DDMoRe products

Certara Launches Version 15 of its Simcyp Population-based Simulator The Simcyp Simulator now comes bundled with a command line console which supports the Innovative Medicines Initiative’s DDMoRe Project Interoperability Framework. This new functionality will allow DDMoRe partners with a Simcyp Simulator license to run simulations in scripted workflows with other software such as NONMEM and PSN, Monolix, PFIM, and PopED. The console may be used independently of DDMoRe facilities, and users will benefit from the Simulator’s vast databases of populations, compounds and PBPK models through other platforms such as Matlab and R.

Further information about Simcyp Simulator v15 is available at The Simcyp Simulator v15 can also be downloaded now.

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