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Tender – Sustainability Strategy for DDMoRe

DDMoRe’s core objective as a project focused on modeling and simulation is to build and maintain a universal, open source, interoperability framework combined with a model repository. In order to ensure maintenance and future development of the DDMoRe platform beyond the IMI project, the consortium is issuing a tender for an organization to develop a long term and sustainable strategy for the DDMoRe end products.

The aim for DDMoRe Sustainability is to enable the Modelling and Simulation community to be able to access the developed tools and models with the guarantee of platform maintenance, customer-support and training. The long term vision is for the DDMoRe infrastructure to become the leading global platform for modeling and simulation activities, with wide uptake in the larger scientific community. This requires not only a technical and scientific focus for sustain activities, but also a strong emphasis on community engagement and outreach. A balance will need to be struck between the needs of funding partners and the community as a whole, whilst recognizing that significant resources are required to maintain and develop any infrastructure further.

The DDMoRe tender is for an amount which is under the limit for EU-wide tendering. The tender will be run through the University of Leiden, a key DDMoRe project participant. As such, the tender will run under the Dutch tendering legal framework and will be hosted in Negometrix. 

Negometrix is a comprehensive web-based system which is free to use, and will be the soul means of communication for completing the tender: submitting questions, submitting a tender and receiving feedback. Please note that all information and submissions are required to be in English; submissions are welcome from organisations registered in any EU nation.

The tender has a series of requirements which must be met and wishes which DDMoRe would like to be addressed. Comprehensive details, the scoring system and other requirements are detailed in full in Negometrix. 

Work package: