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White paper published in CPT:PSP

White Paper: Landscape on Technical and Conceptual Requirements and Competence Framework in Drug/Disease Modeling and Simulation. 

G Vlasakakis, E Comets, A Keunecke, I Gueorguieva, P Magni, N Terranova, O Della Pasqua, E C de Lange and C Kloft.  CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology 2013, 2, e40


Pharmaceutical sciences experts and regulators acknowledge that pharmaceutical development as well as drug usage requires more than scientific advancements to cope with current attrition rates/therapeutic failures. Drug disease modeling and simulation (DDM&S) creates a paradigm to enable an integrated and higher-level understanding of drugs, (diseased)systems, and their interactions (systems pharmacology) through mathematical/statistical models (pharmacometrics)—hence facilitating decision making during drug development and therapeutic usage of medicines. To identify gaps and challenges in DDM&S, an inventory of skills and competencies currently available in academia, industry, and clinical practice was obtained through survey. The survey outcomes revealed benefits, weaknesses, and hurdles for the implementation of DDM&S. In addition, the survey indicated that no consensus exists about the knowledge, skills, and attributes required to perform DDM&S activities effectively. Hence, a landscape of technical and conceptual requirements for DDM&S was identified and serves as a basis for developing a framework of competencies to guide future education and training in DDM&S.

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