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Freie Universität Berlin

The School of Pharmacy at the Freie Universitaet Berlin (FUB) – receiving distinction in all three lines of funding in the ‘Excellence Initiative’ in Germany since 2007 – is one of the largest in Germany  including the research and teaching Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Biochemistry  (about 15 members) as one the leading groups in this field. With a strong record and consolidated experience of ~20 years in Modelling & Simulation (M&S) especially in oncology, the Department has gained high international recognition in M&S of novel targeted therapeutic approaches in oncology such as monoclonal antibodies focusing on efficacy as well as toxicity. The Department has a variety of established collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry. In 2008 as one of the two chairs, the Department launched the PharMetrX Graduate Research Training Program "Pharmacometrics & Computational Disease Modelling", a novel joint initiative in Germany with six major research-driven pharmaceutical companies as partners. 

Based on the expertise in developing pharmacometric models for data from (pre)clinical trials, focusing on biologicals/therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, for the oncology model library the FUB will contribute to features and selection of models for this special, rapidly expanding drug class and for classical cytotoxics in oncology. The Department will also input its broad and in-depth experience from various teaching activities in developing the education and training curriculum, including the course material, and in realising the training.



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Charlotte Kloft
Freie Universität Berlin - FUB
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Lena Klopp-Schulze
Freie Universität Berlin - FUB
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