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Mango Business Solutions

Mango Solutions is a data analysis company producing statistical and mathematical applications and services for customers. Formed in 2002 and headquartered in the UK, Mango work with customers in the Modelling and Simulation area including seven of the ten biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Mango's team of 30 people include 10 modelling and simulation consultants and 14 IT developers who create custom applications for their clients. This combination of mathematics, statistics and IT development creates effective applications which are used by a diverse user community to deliver pharmacometric analyses and reporting.

Mango's expertise is in incorporating distinct software into unified applications to allow users to access different software routines and methods in an easy to use fashion whilst retaining validation and auditability. In 2008 Mango were asked by an industry wide group to create a prototype of a framework for modelling that would create an open and extensible platform for the community. Mango's involvement in this consortium is a continuation of this work.



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