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Optimata is an Israeli company founded in 1999 that develops modelling and simulation technology. Optimata provides comprehensive solutions, navigating drug development through shorter, safer pathways towards a high market competitive profile. Expert in predictive biosimulation, Optimata mathematically models patient physiological and pathological processes, along with the dynamics of drug-patient interactions, with a special focus on cancer and oncology drugs. Simulated by Optimata Virtual Patient® platform, these models provide valuable drug effect predictions, with recommendations of optimal treatment regimens per clinical indication and patient population.

Optimata has developed an end-to-end modelling solution for oncology drugs: including mechanistic disease models for various vascular solid tumours that are integrated with the PK/PD models, tumor dynamics and accompanied adverse effects models (preclinical and clinical). The models include protocol optimization for monotherapy and for combination therapy. Optimata has extensive know how in building simulators, integrating distinct models, using various optimization strategies and designing generic interfaces.



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