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Université Paris Diderot

University Paris Diderot - Paris 7 (UPD) is the leading multidisciplinary University in France, and one of the world's leading universities, representing 26,000 students, 1,800 academic staff and 102 research teams. The UPD and INSERM joint research team <<Modèles et méthodes de l'évaluation thérapeutique des maladies chroniques INSERM -UMR 738>>  is a laboratory part of both the French national institute of health (INSERM) and University Paris-Diderot. We perform research to develop and implement new methods in different areas of non-linear mixed effect models (optimal design, parameter estimation, model evaluation).

The development of statistical methods in nonlinear mixed-effect models, and their application to clinical trial data (eg in rheumatology, cardiology, infectious diseases) is the team's core expertise. F. Mentré is responsible for the PFIM software (optimal design in NLMEM), E. Comets developed a library in R for model evaluation, and both are members of the Monolix development group. Expertise in language structure and modelling will be used for developing the user-readable language and translating it to computer-readable format. Software development and integration expertise will be used to integrate software including optimal design tools, create interfaces to the DDMoRe project. F. Mentré has a strong expertise in teaching on statistical models relevant to DDMoRe's training course development.



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