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Universiteit Leiden

In the Netherlands, Leiden University has been founded as the first university on February 8, 1575. Today it is one of Europe's foremost research universities. This prominent position gives our graduates a leading edge in applying for academic posts and for functions outside academia. Within the faculty of Science, two departments are involved in the DDMoRe project.

The department of Pharmacology of the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) has an outstanding reputation in mechanism-based PK-PD modeling. Together with TI Pharma, the dept. of Pharmacology has founded the mechanism-based PK-PD modeling platform (public private partnership of 11 industrial and 4 academic partners). Their research focuses on the development of novel concepts of PK-PD modeling in: 1) translational pharmacology (the prediction of efficacy- safety from preclinical tests), 2) developmental pharmacology (the prediction of variability in drug response in pediatrics), and 3) disease systems analysis (the prediction of drug effects on disease progression). They have long-standing expertise with >300 published articles and a very strong training record.

The Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) belongs to the top 100 computer science institutes in the world. LIACS research programmes include data mining, natural computing, software composition and correctness, software modeling, embedded systems and software, parallel and distributed computing, and media research and technology including imaging. To the DDMoRe project, LIACS brings excellence on software foundations and web technology, software architecture and engineering, scientific data management and e-science.



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