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University of Navarra

Biomedicine campus of the University of Navarra comprises the school of medicine, science, and pharmacy, the University hospital and two research centres. Over 400 investigators develop their research activity covering almost all therapeutic areas from in vitro experiments to clinical trials. The pharmacokinetics section located at the Department of Pharmacy serves as a consultant department for design, analysis and interpretation of basic research and clinical data generated in and outside the campus, together with its own research in modelling and simulation. Areas of interest cover mainly oncology and drug delivery.

The pharmacokinetic section of UNAV has a solid expertise in modelling and simulation in the context of drug development in oncology. Models have been built from in vitro to in vivo human data. The group combine experts in population PKPD, system biology and applied oncology, needed to make the tasks of model identification/development and gather metadata more efficient. As an academic institution there is a strong experience in training to undergraduate and postgraduate graduate students, and set up specialized basic and advanced courses in modelling and simulation.



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University of Navarra
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