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Interoperability Framework

Bridging modelling tools and methodologies

The Interoperability Framework is an integrated infrastructure to enable efficient exchange and integration of models across modelling languages, existing and new tools. It is built on the system-to-system interchange standards Pharmacometrics Markup Language (PharmML) and Standard Output (SO); facilitates the re-use of models from the Model Repository; and allows users to script seamless workflows integrating a wide range of tools within modelling and simulation. The supported software tools include Monolix, NONMEM, and WinBUGS for estimation, Xpose for model diagnostics, PsN for VPC and bootstrap, SimCyp and Simulx for simulation, and PFIM and PopED for optimal design.

The user interacts with the Interoperability Framework via the MDL-IDE graphical user interface, which includes an editor supporting the Model Description Language (MDL), a language used by modellers to express the information required to describe models. Within the MDL-IDE workflows are scripted in the R statistical computing language. All functionality of R is therefore also available in the MDL-IDE.

The Interoperability Framework can be customised for streamlined modelling providing consistency and reproducibility and speeding up modelling analyses. The Interoperability Framework has been developed under existing GPL compatible licenses and is now publicly available in an official release.