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Model Certification

Quality assurance of the Model Repository content

To ensure that models published in the DDMoRe Model Repository are appropriately and completely documented, can be executed using the DDMoRe Interoperability Framework tools and are able to reproduce the key findings reported in the original associated publication, DDMoRe developed a Model Qualification Procedure (MQP). The MQP involves a review process performed by experts that assesses the completeness and accuracy of the model documentation and its implementation. A model that passes this review process receives a DDMoRe model certification, which will be displayed in the DDMoRe Model Repository.

Thus, the DDMoRe model certification will clearly identify your model entry to be verified by experts and will, accordingly, promote your work. In fact, once your model has obtained the DDMoRe model certification, this will be clearly displayed in the DDMoRe Model Repository and users will be able to find your models among the certified ones.
Requesting review for DDMoRe model certification
The MQP is a standardized process described here, which involves a model review process that is carried out by a body of qualified experts (DDMoRe Modelling Review Group, MRG) who evaluates the technical model validity, a procedure resembling a journal peer-review.

Request for certification here.