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New Tools

Extend the functionalities

New applications will be developed to fill gaps which exist in the M&S software ecosystem, most notably addressing topics such as clinical trial simulation, model-based adaptive optimal design, model diagnostics, model selection, and complex model estimation. Such new applications will directly support the MDL and PharmML standards.

  • Timeline posted on 5 years 11 months ago

    Simulx is a function of the R package mlxR. Simulx allows one to simulate complex models for longitudinal data by interfacing the C++ MlxLibrary with R. Learn how to use... Read more

  • Project posted on 6 years 10 months ago

    A tool for automatically translating NM-TRAN model control streams into MDL has been developed by Nick Holford and can be tested by the DDMoRe community at: Read more

  • News posted on 8 years 4 months ago

    Current Use and Developments Needed for Optimal Design in Pharmacometrics: A Study Performed Among DDMoRe’s European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations Members. F Mentré, M... Read more