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An initial prototype for the DDMoRe framework was demonstrated in December 2012 showing the end-to-end process of import, modification, execution and post-processing of NONMEM models. 

The prototype was developed as an R package, as this offered a powerful rapid application development tool and the opportunity to reuse many packages already in existence. This R package is founded on data structures that are compatible with the modular concepts defined by the DDMoRe MDL specification, namely: Data, Parameters, Models, and Tasks. These objects can be created by importing a NONMEM control stream (or part of a NONMEM control stream), either from a local file, or from a model repository. A set of TEL commands has also been implemented in the R package, which enable new models to be assembled from these MDL concepts and allow the user to perform estimations or simulations.
The R package interacts with the Interoperability Framework via a web service to perform a parameter estimation or simulation. The Framework has been developed as an autonomous layer, utilising an extendable architecture based on connectors, which implement the bridge between the Framework and the supported 3rd-party tools. Connectors have been developed that execute NONMEM jobs and R scripts, allowing models assembled in the R environment to be executed asynchronously. When the execution is complete, the results can be imported into R and evaluated using existing packages such as RNMImport and Xpose. The R package and the Interoperability Framework are available from SourceForge.
The next goal is to take what has been learned in the development of the R package into the next phase of the project – the creation of a bespoke UI (the MDL Editor) using Xtext. The MDL Editor will support native model development using the MDL, translation of the MDL model into MML, and utilise the same Interoperability Framework for job execution. It will then replace R Studio in the initial prototype architecture. 

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