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Internal DDMoRe course

Aug 22 2014

Model-Based Drug Development in Diabetes.

The Pharmacometrics Group at Uppsala University has hosted the first DDMoRe course to PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.


Dates: August 18-22th, 2014

Place: Biomedical Center, Uppsala, Sweden 

Intended for: PhD students and postdoctoral fellows at partners of DDMoRe

Topics: Model-informed anti-diabetic drug development with a focus on clinical drug development design. This course also includes a first introduction to the DDMoRe framework.

Teaching: Lectures, hands-on sessions, interactive demonstrations, group work and student presentations.

Instructors: Maria C. Kjellsson, Mats O. Karlsson and colleagues 

Prerequisites: Previous experience with nonlinear mixed-effect analysis.

Fee: Free of charge (transport, accommodation and food not included)

Maximum number of participants: 15
In the case of more than 15 applications, the student selection will be based on the supplied mini-biography in the application.

Application deadline: August 13, 2014 


For more information:
About Uppsala:
About Uppsala university: 
About the Pharmacometrics group:


Maria Kjellsson, on behalf of the Pharmacometrics group, Uppsala University 

Work package: 


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by DDMoRe Admin 6 years 8 months ago

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Here are some inside details on the internal DDMoRe course ran in Uppsala.


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