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The aims of work package 10 are:

  • To provide support for the smooth management of the project,
  • To follow up the progress of the project and report on this regularly, internally and to the IMI JU
  • To organise the kick-off meeting and other DDMoRe meetings,
  • To provide a helpdesk to the partners in fulfilling the contractual obligations and providing adequate reports to the IMI JU,
  • To coordinate activities of the Advisory Board, and working groups on ethics, IP and sustainability
  • To compile and monitor ethical documents.

Main outcomes of WP10

  • The preparation and application of good management procedures and tools to enable regular follow-up on the progress of work and an efficient reporting structure
  • The establishment of a permanent helpdesk to provide Partners (and especially those who are not familiar with IMI projects) with support on how to supply compliant Financial and Legal data in line with EU/IMI rules.
  • The establishment and maintenance of a scientific scoreboard to allow scientific managers to assess the progress of work.