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The interoperable Modelling Markup Languages (MMLs) will provide the representation standards and ontologies of the data and associated metadata. These MMLs will be based on existing languages and will be evaluated for their interoperability with developed and considered clinical (CDISC) and pharmaceutical (PISTOIA alliance) standards.

Main outcome of WP4

  • Specification of MMLs based on DDMoRe community requirements for data and models used in pharmacometrics
  • Creation of a system-­to­‐system standard for data, models and metadata interchangeability and the key­‐element for the interoperability within the DDMoRe framework
  • Establishing MML as Lingua franca for the exchange between tools in population PK, such as Monolix, NONMEM or WinBUGS
  • Reuse of existing standards such as SBML, SED-­ML, UncertML, PharmML and PMML
  • Accessibility of MML via an Application Programming Interface, API


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    April 16 - 20, Sweden State of the IMI Projects presented by Bernard de Bono, EMBL - EBI

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    ApiNATOMY: a novel toolkit for visualizing multiscale anatomy schematics with phenotype-related information. Bernard de Bono, Pierre Grenon and Stephen John Sammut. Hum. Mutat. 2012, 33: 837... Read more

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