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The overall objective of WP5 is to provide the means to integrate existing software applications by adopting standards, application programming interface and the modelling language by means of the interoperability framework. To this end WP5 will establish interaction and communication with a series of software tools applied in M&S such as NONMEM, PsN, PopED, Xpose, MATLAB, WinBUGS, Monolix, SBTOOLBOX2, OpenBUGS, R, PFIM and Simcyp.

An audit report will be created to collect business/user requirements and perform a review of technologies to be integrated and based on the findings of the review the APIs will be created, tested and integrated with the interoperability framework. At first the connector APIs will be developed for NONMEM, R and Monolix (Spring 2013), to be followed by connector APIs for the other software.

Main outcome of WP5

  • Connector APIs defining how to interact with integrated software
  • Modelling Software connectors for NONMEM, PsN, PopED, Xpose, MATLAB, WinBUGS, Monolix, SBTOOLBOX2, OpenBUGS, R, PFIM and Simcyp.
  • Technical specifications for providing guidance on how to extend/enhance existing connectors, and the development of new connectors for other software.


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