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In line with the deposited models, a series of 7 face-to-face courses will be created on diabetes (beginner), oncology (beginner and advanced), other diseases (beginner and advanced),  as well as models on safety related endpoints, thereby disseminating the principles of model-based drug development through the newly-developed interoperability framework. In addition, the course material and web-based self-education will be created and made available to the modelling community. To evaluate the implementation of the various deliverables from the other work packages and to achieve a critical mass in adoption of the newly developed tools, an internship mechanism for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows will be arranged.

Main outcomes of WP9

  • Seven face-to-face courses on diabetes, oncology, other diseases, and safety related models
  • Web-based self-education material on diabetes, oncology, other diseases and safety related models
  • Mechanism for internships for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows