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  • ProbOnto is a knowledge base and ontology of probability distributions.

    It was designed to facilitate the encoding of nonlinear-mixed effect models and their annotation in PharmML developed by DDMoRe.
    PharmML interface is provided in form of a generic schema for the definition of the distributions and their parameters. Defining function can be accessed via methods provided in the PharmML schema.

    The scope and features of the database made ProbOnto very valuable in...

  • Requesting review for DDMoRe model certification

    The MQP is a standardized process described here, which involves a model review process that is carried out by a body of qualified experts (DDMoRe Modelling Review Group, MRG) who evaluates the technical model validity, a procedure resembling a journal peer-review.

    There are certain prerequisites for your model to be eligible (see section 3.1 of the MQP document):
    •    Model is published in the DDMoRe Model Repository...

  • Standard Output (SO)
    SO is a tool-independent exchange XML-based format, intended for storage of results in standardised form. It enables effective data exchange within complex workflows as well as supports users in assessing, reviewing and reporting modelling steps.

    SO aims at:

    • providing a flexible storage structure for typical results of M&S analyses performed in any DDMoRe target tool;
    • enabling effective data ow across tasks to ensure optimal...
  • A tool for automatically translating NM-TRAN model control streams into MDL has been developed by Nick Holford and can be tested by the DDMoRe community at: .


  • Within DDMoRe, we are working on producing a “Rosetta Stone” for each Use Case, which will present the Modelling Description Language (MDL) for the Use Case along with the corresponding NONMEM NM-TRAN, Monolix MLX-TRAN, WinBUGS, Phoenix PML equivalents. This will allow us to check that model features described in each language are captured appropriately by the MDL. It helps the translation process between the MDL and corresponding target languages as domain experts for each language are...

  • Animation: Introduction to PK modelling

    generated for Education and Training DDMoRe

    • Conception: Elena Carvajal & Marc Lavielle
    • Execution: Elena Carvajal
    • Scientific Coordinator: Marc Lavielle
    • Voice: Andrea Rau
    • Acknowledgements: Nick Holford, Kevin Bleakley, Marius Pibarot, Emmanuelle Comets


  • An initial prototype for the DDMoRe framework was demonstrated in December 2012 showing the end-to-end process of import, modification, execution and post-processing of NONMEM models. 

    The prototype was developed as an R package, as this offered a powerful rapid application development tool and the opportunity to reuse many packages already in existence. This R package is founded on data structures that are compatible with the modular concepts defined by the DDMoRe MDL...

  • The Modelling Description Language (MDL) will be used to run existing modelling (NONMEM, BUGS, Monolix) and task execution applications (R, MatLab). The MDL is text based and is supported by a specialized editor (the MDL Editor) which will provide error checking of the MDL. The MDL Editor will use the MDL to create an intermediate MML; Pharmacometrics Markup Language (PharmML). The PharmML will then be translated into the target application languages.

    Nick Holford and Mike Smith...

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